One API, all of your SaaS data

Mesh provides developers with a single REST interface to
query all of your customer data.

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All Of Your Favorite Integrations In One Place

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One Interface

Integrate with a single API as opposed multiple complex integrations.

One Authentication

Authenticate with Mesh once, and we handle the complete SaaS OAuth stack.

One Click Activation

Activate your integrations with a single click in the Mesh dashboard.

Simple Querying

Uniform and intuitive querying semantics, no need to learn a new language to query your data.

Normalized JSON

Parsing JSON should be simple. Mesh object structures ensure it is.

Beautiful Documentation

Thorough documentation covering every endpoint and request.

Rate Limiting

No need to conform to multiple providers strict rate limiting policies.


Let Mesh resolve and combine duplicate records across data sources.


Mesh recognizes associated records across your data and associates records to build a queryable object


Ensure your data is always up to date. Mesh listens for changes from our integration partners via Webhooks.


Paginate your resources using simple limits and offsets.

Predictable URLs

Fetch associated resources with predictable URL schemes.

Modern APIs for Customer Data

Always In Sync

Mesh keeps your data fresh and up to date at all times. Our robust web hooks service listens for changes in data from each integration.

For Hackers By Hackers

The Mesh API puts a modern interface on top of outdated, enterprise SaaS APIs. Stop spending time parsing JSON responses and start building better applications.

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Integrate Customer Data with Ease

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Visualize Your Data

When you integrate with Mesh, you get an off-the-shelf dashboard to help you visualize all of your customer data.

Ease of Use

Mesh makes seeing a complete picture of your customer easy by automagically linking multiple SaaS services.